Hair Removal

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Intimate Waxing

Intimate Waxing-sharpen-color

*Have 4 or more areas waxed and receive 10% off.*

Using a high quality gentle hot wax for thorough removal and comfort on delicate areas.

Treatment Name Price
Extended Bikini £20
Brazilian £29
Hollywood £35



An ancient method of hair removal for the face and eyebrows.

Treatment Name Price
Eyebrow shape £18
One area £12
Two areas £20
Three areas £26


Intimate Waxing-sharpen-color

*Have 4 or more areas waxed and receive 10% off.*

Strip Wax

High-quality warm cream wax helps hydrate dry skin types.

Hot wax

We also offer a high-quality wax known as hot wax. Although it can be applied at a lower temperature, hot wax sticks to the hair but not the skin. This wax is perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas.

Treatment Name Price
Full leg & bikini line £36
Full leg £29
3/4 leg £25
Half leg £22
Full arm £22
Forearm £18
Underarm £15
Bikini line £17
Lip or chin £13
Combined lip and chin £21
Lower back £22
Full back £28
Chest £27
Chin and jaw line £18
Hot wax sides of face £15
Hot wax nostrils or ears £13

SmartDiode Laser Hair Removal

SmartDiode Laser Hair Removal-faceai-sharpen-color

The Diode laser is an advanced technology combining 3 wave lengths of light with low energy output and intelligent software. SMARTDiode delivers exceptional results with ease. Virtually pain free, super-fast and suitable for both men and woman and all skin types. This a safe and effective treatment to permanently reduce hair growth.

The number of treatments needed can be discussed in detail during your personal consultation; Hair has three stages of growth – for best results a minimum of 6 treatments is recommended with intervals of 2 -8 weeks dependent on the area being treated. The average amount of treatments required for success is 8. Fairer hairs will require more treatments.

*A confidential consultation is required 24 hours prior to treatment at a cost of £20.00.

We offer a pay as you go system with Diode hair removal – so no large up-front payments for courses are needed, BUT (like when purchasing a course with us) your 6th treatment (when all treatments have been carried out on the same area) is still completely FREE!

Price guide

Micro area £30

For example, top lip, chin, nipples, fingers or toes

Small area £47

For example: bikini line, underarm, jaw and chin (half face), lower or upper back, top of chest

Medium area £84

For example: Brazilian, forearms, 1/2 leg, full face including lip (beard)

Large area £125

For example: Full leg, full back, chest including abs, Hollywood (male and female)

This treatment is not web-bookable; please call to arrange an appointment.

Treatment Name Price
Consultation £20
Micro Area £30
Small Area £47
Medium Area £84
Large Area £125

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal-sharpen-color

*A free consultation is required before treatment.

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. It has been around for nearly 150 years, and for a good reason! This is not a treatment that should be underestimated and can be the perfect option over laser for light hairs and small areas such as the face.

On consultation, we will recommend the best removal method to best meet your needs.

Treatment Name Price
Electrolysis Hair Removal 15 min treatment £28
Electrolysis Hair Removal 30 min treatment £34