The new norm! What to expect upon arrival

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Your health and safety and that of our team is our top priority, so we have added the following steps to welcome you into our salon and keep you and ourselves safe.

We may look a little different as we will now be wearing a face visor and often a mask, but rest assured it is the same smiley faces underneath.

Hygiene is a big part of Clarity and it goes without saying we will be washing our hands nonstop and sterilizing equipment after every use.

To help with social distancing, please call to make an appointment. We are currently having a new online booking system installed and will let you know as soon as this is back up and running.

On arrival please ring the doorbell. This will prevent overcrowding in the reception area. Do not worry, we will not ask you to stand outside for long!

Please use the hand sanitiser provided at reception

Please bring a face covering with you. We can provide a mask if needed

Prior to your treatment. Please pay by card if possible although cash is still accepted. We have made a slight price increase on some treatments due to the increase in products and the extra PPE and measures in place in keeping you safe. We will ask you to make payment

Before manicure treatments we will kindly ask you to wash your hands

We are operating a one-way system for all our visitors using our two side exits for your safety









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